Karaage didn’t make its first appearance in restaurants until the early 1920s. The cooking technique dates back to the 1600s. Karaage is believed to have emerged in the Edo period in Japan along with tempura. At this time, it was commonly found served on skewers as street food.

Torisho is a famous Japanese fried chicken take out restaurant. Our franchise headquarters are located in Osaka, Japan. The name Torisho “鶏笑” (laughing with chicken) relates to the feeling of happiness (please eat our chicken and be happy). Torisho operations in Japan have increased to nearly 300 stores in the past 6 years. After much success in Japan, we have expanded overseas with Locations now in Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, China and USA. Torisho have been top prize winners in the “Karaage Grand Prix” by the Japan Karaage Association.


What is Karaage?

Karaage (pronounced kah-rah-ah-geh) is a Japanese cooking technique where a protein or vegetable is marinated, dredged in flour, then deep- fried. It is a staple of Japanese home cooking and one of the most popular items in a bento box. While it is similar to both tempura and fried chicken, karaage has its own unique history and cooking techniques.

Karaage is well-known as a flavorful take on fried chicken, but the two dishes differ slightly. The main thing that sets Karaage apart from fried chicken is the batter. While fried chicken uses flour or beer batter, Karaage commonly uses potato starch. Karaage and fried chicken also differ in how they are made. The spices used to flavor fried chicken are mixed into the flour, while Karaage gets its delicious flavor from the ingredients it is marinated in.

How Torisho Karaage is made?

Torisho has carefully selected a symphony of 12 distinct and unique flavours that come together beautifully when mixed, as a marinade, to fill your mouth with happiness. Karaage is most often made using chicken. At Torisho, we utilize chicken Breast (known on our menu as Mune) marinated for a period of 48 hours and our chicken Thigh (known on our menu as Momo) is marinated for 24 hours. The difference in marination times ties into the inherent tenderness and natural flavour profiles of the chicken selected. When the chicken is marinated, we massage the chicken 100 times during the process to assist in the marination and tenderizing process. After the chicken is marinated and rested for 24/48 hours,
the chicken is then perfectly and consistently coated in corn starch. By having a consistent coating on the
chicken, we can ensure that the chicken stays juicy (inside) and the coating blossoms into a delicious,
light and crispy outer shell. Finally, the karaage is fried in oil. The Karaage only needs to sit in the oil
for a few minutes to reach the desired temperature and texture. At Torisho, we employ the
double-fry method, allowing the chicken to react with the air, before resuming the
frying process to bring our famous Karaage to our signature, crispy,
bite-sized experience.

Chicken Breast (known on our menu as
Momo) is marinated for 24 hours before serving.
The Great Japanese Karaage Trio
Chicken Thigh (known on our menu as Momo)
is marinated for 24 hours before serving.
The Great Japanese Karaage Trio
Karaage Chicken Wings (known on our menu as Tebasaki)
The Great Japanese Karaage Trio
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Mune is a variation of the Japanese dish Karaage that uses chicken breast instead of chicken thigh. Like traditional Karaage, the chicken breast is typically cut into bite-sized pieces, marinated, and then coated in a mixture of flour or starch before being deep-fried until crispy and golden brown.


Because chicken breast is leaner and, naturally, less flavorful than chicken thigh, Karaage chicken breast may require a slightly longer marinating time and a detailed and consistent frying process to ensure that it stays moist and tender.

Karaage chicken thigh or Momo is a Japanese dish that consists of bite-sized pieces of boneless chicken thigh that are marinated, coated in flour or starch, and then deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. The marination typically includes soy sauce, sake, ginger, and garlic, which gives the chicken a savory and slightly sweet flavor.


Karaage chicken thigh is a versatile dish that can be prepared and served in various ways. It can be enjoyed as a standalone dish with a dipping sauce or as part of a larger meal, such as in a bento box or alongside other Japanese dishes like rice and miso soup.

Karaage chicken wings or Tebasaki are a Japanese dish that features chicken wings that are marinated, coated in a mixture of flour or starch, and then deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. The marinade used in karaage chicken wings is similar to that used in karaage chicken thigh or breast and typically includes soy sauce, sake, ginger, and garlic.

The chicken wings are usually cut into two parts, drumettes and wingettes, and are marinated for a few hours to allow the flavors to permeate the meat. Then, they are coated with flour or starch, which creates a crispy outer layer when deep-fried.

Dariusz kwiatkowski
Dariusz kwiatkowski
Only place that does great Japanese fried food
Ordered this on UBER eats and it was great. A darn shame this place is so far from my place otherwise I’d be a regular.
Zachary Gibbs
Zachary Gibbs
Berry good
Allison Raines
Allison Raines
So good ! Will definitely go back
david goldberg
david goldberg
Great Karaage!
Ana Griza
Ana Griza
Try thier marinated chicken.OMG !
Howard Wong
Howard Wong
Terrific and friendly service. Delicious Chicken sandwiches (tried original and the spicy). Their croquettes were crispy and delicious. A different flavour profile when compared to the Spanish equivalent. Their Momo + Mune chicken were juicy.
Muratcan Koylan
Muratcan Koylan
My first bite of the chicken sandwich literally brought tears of joy. Delicious! Potato salad, fairytale-like.
Jermaine Hao
Jermaine Hao
Great chicken...tender and juicy and the breeding is light and not oily....this is not your typical fried chicken. Clean store, friendly staff ...I'm imagining multiple return visits. Keep the quality up, a hidden gem for the beaches.
Emmett Meacher
Emmett Meacher
Very pleased with this location and quality of food! Great menu almost changes daily!

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