About Us

Torisho is a famous Japanese fried chicken take out restaurant. Our franchise headquarters is located in Osaka Japan. The name Torisho “鶏笑” (laughing with chicken) meaning please eat our chicken and be happy. Torisho operations in Japan have increased to nearly 300 stores in the past 6 years. After much success in Japan, we have expanded overseas. With Locations now in Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine, China and USA. We have been chosen by “Grand Prix of Karaage association Japan” as the “Number one Karaage” Torisho reached the top prize.


Karaage meaning is a Japanese cooking technique in which various foods most often chicken, but also other meat and fish are deep fried in oil. The process involves lightly coating small pieces of the meat with a seasoned wheat flour or potato starch mix, and frying in a light oil. Occasionally, the foods are marinated prior to coating with the seasoning mix. The process is similar in technique to the preparation of tempura. Karaage is often served alone or with rice and shredded cabbage. Recently, it has become popular to eat Karaage wrapped with green perilla leaves and lettuce leaves.

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