The Best Fried Chicken Restaurants I Toronto Edition

The Best Fried Chicken Restaurants I Toronto Edition

The crunch of breading, followed by juicy meat and delicious seasoning– there’s nothing quite like good fried chicken. It’s a meal that soothes the belly and mind.

There are plenty of local restaurants that serve tasty variations on this beloved comfort food, like Japanese karaage or Nashville hot chicken. If you feel a craving coming on, no need to search “fried chicken near me” because we put together a list for you hungry Torontonians.


5 Places to Eat Delicious Fried Chicken in Toronto


1. Torisho


Torisho’s karaage is love at first taste (we’re just a little biased). It’s the only restaurant in Toronto specializing in karaage, or Japanese fried chicken. So, how do we do it?

First, we marinate our chicken for 24-48 hours in an authentic Japanese sauce made from onions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, and our secret blend of herbs and spices; we rub the chicken to make sure the marinade is evenly distributed, resulting in juicier and more tender meat .

After marination, the chicken is lightly coated in cornstarch to create a crispy but light texture for you. This method has been perfected over the years and is used by over 300 Torisho stores in Japan. (We’re the first ones to open in Canada).

Light meat, dark meat, katsu chicken sandwich— we’ve got fried chicken for every palette. Come by our Beaches location for authentic Japanese comfort food.


2. Chica’s Chicken


Chica’s husband and wife team were inspired by a visit to Nashville where they were blown away by the local Hot Chicken: crispy, moist, with spicy seasoning that opens the senses. They had to share the unforgettable flavors with Torontonians.

They came home and created their own twist on a classic dish. They dry bine their chicken in a blend of spices and let it marinate for two days. All their seasonings—from the Carolina Reapers to Ghost Peppers—are made in-house; all their chickens are local and free-run.

For those of you craving a fiery meal that leaves the taste buds tingling, check out their sandos or a hunk of Nashville-spiced chicken with your choice of sides.


3. The Fry



Korean fried chicken is trending, and for good reason. This delicious dish is made with crispy, juicy chicken marinated in Asian flavors. The Fry, a Korean fried chicken franchise with locations in the GTA and beyond, serves up classics like Soy Garlic Chicken Wings, and Boneless Spicy Chicken. For those of you who want a little crunch, try the customer favorite Green Onion Chicken: Lightly sauced fried chicken topped with a mound of green onion. Savory and textured, your tastebuds will be singing.

While you’re at it, try out a more classic Korean dish, like the Spicy Rice Cake with Seafood paired with a refreshing glass of soju. Geonbae!


4. Union Chicken


If you’re looking for an elevated fried chicken experience, this is your spot. With its Toronto location right in Union Station, you can stop by on your way in or out of town. The restaurant gets all its antibiotic-free, organic chickens from family-run farms across Ontario.

Their O.G. Fried Chicken is buttermilk breaded and served with maple honey, hot sauce, and black pepper gravy. Turn up the heat with ‘Nashville’ Lightning Hot, which was created when customers asked Chef Michael Angelioni for a little more heat. Chicken is covered in a house-made sauce containing habanero, cayenne, and chicken fat: Spicy but not killer. Go ahead, you can handle it.


5. PG Clucks


This self-described “chicken shack” is known for its mouth-watering fried chicken sandwiches. They’re proud of their not-so-secret recipe: “All our chicken is de-boned leg meat. We brine it for 24 hours in a lemon and herb brine, and 6 hours in buttermilk. We dredge it twice for that extra crispness.” Can you hear the crunch?

In addition to thigh and white meat sandwiches, they serve up fried chicken by the piece (Regular or Nashville Hot), and chicken fingers.

P.S. They also serve donuts 🤤

These are just a few of the best fried chicken restaurants in Toronto. Next time you’re feeling stressed about exams or work or life in general, remember that there’s always fried chicken to make everything better.


Come Try the Best Karaage In Toronto


Torisho literally means laughing with chicken, which is what we want you to do at our location in the Beaches neighborhood of Toronto. We’re a Japanese restaurant, specializing in karaage, katsu, and bento boxes.

Come experience the joy of fried chicken, and tag us in your meals

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