What to Eat In Toronto This Holiday Season: From Karaage to Cookies

What to Eat In Toronto This Holiday Season: From Karaage to Cookies

The holidays are a time for celebration, and what better way to do that than by eating delicious food with loved ones? Lucky for you, Toronto has the tastiest cuisines from around the world. So in addition to the classic turkey and mashed potatoes, venture out into the city and indulge in everything from karaage (Japanese fried chicken) to classic holiday cookies.
Are you hungry yet? Mark these places on your map and chew your way into the New Year.


4 Foods to Enjoy in Toronto During the Holidays

1. Karaage



The weather outside is frightful, but the karaage is so delightful 😉. Seriously though, Japanese fried chicken is crispy, savory, and the sort of food that everyone in the family will enjoy— from Grandma down to the little ones who only eat chicken nuggets.While you might’ve heard of local Japanese fried chicken chains like Gushi, few places specialize in karaage alone like Torisho Beach. They marinate the chicken in a secret sauce (with ginger, garlic, fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices) for 24-48 hours so it’s bursting with flavor. Stop by and order a family meal for 4, which comes with 20 pieces of fried chicken (white, dark, or a mix), salad, potato salad, drinks, and miso soup. Eat in your PJs, in front of a roaring fire– these cozy moments are what holidays are all about.


2. Christmas Cookies



Nothing says holiday spirit like warm, homemade cookies. But if you don’t have the time or motivation to bake up a batch yourself, there are plenty of local bakeries waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth. Bring a box of Craig’s Cookies to any holiday party and it’ll be a hit. This beloved Toronto chain is known for its nostalgic and creative flavors, and they even sell a Holiday Mix box that includes festive favorites like a candy cane, shortbread, cranberry bliss, terry’s chocolate orange, gingerbread white chocolate, and more.If you’re looking for a fancier and more decadent dessert head to Patisserie La Cigogne on the Danforth for cakes and pastries that are as beautiful as they are delicious.


3. Injera



Looking to bring some spice to your holiday food? Try out this Ethiopian staple: Injera is a spongy, sourdough-risen flatbread made from teff flour. The bread is used as both the serving platter and utensils for classic side dishes like Shiro wot (roasted chickpeas in berbere sauce), doro wat (chicken stew), or tibs (beef chunks sauteed with onion, garlic, ginger, and more). Just tear off a piece of injera and dip.For many, eating this way is a new experience, and fun to share with loved ones. No better place to try this flavorful cuisine than Toronto’s Little Ethiopia. Rendez-Vous and Lalibela are both foodie favorites.


4. Pierogies



Pierogies are dumplings filled with potatoes, cheese, and onion. They originate from Central Europe but have recently made their way to North America. Just like karaage, they’re crispy, savory, and hard not to love. They make a perfect comfort food side dish or snack when you’re craving something hearty.You can find great pierogies at local Toronto restaurants like Cafe Polonez. At this Polish eatery, the pierogies are hand-made, boiled, and then pan-fried in butter and onions. They offer a wide selection of fillings like mushrooms, sauerkraut, cabbage, and cheese. The place has been in business for more than 30 years and is in Roncesvalles, home to Toronto’s Little Poland.The holidays are the perfect time to get out there and enjoy new or favorite foods. No matter what cuisine you crave or the mood you’re in, Toronto has something for you. Visit an authentic Japanese restaurant or a life-changing patisserie– the city is your dining room. Happy eating!


Try Crispy Karaage at Torisho Beach


Torisho serves authentic Japanese food to Torontonians. We specialize in karaage, katsu, and bento boxes. Our chef uses in-house spice blends and special frying techniques for crispy, juicy chicken you won’t find elsewhere.

Come experience the joy of fried chicken. And, don’t forget to tag us in your meals @torisho.ca

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The holidays are a time for celebration, and what better way to do that than by eating delicious food with loved ones? Lucky for…